Today, I was pleased to chat to Dennis F Galjanic and discover more about his art. An Australian-born Croatian, Dennis, aged 44, is one of our featured artists on the Beautiful Croatia website. Dennis lives in Stara Baska on the island of Krk.

Dennis F Galjanic, Croatian artist

Dennis F Galjanic, Croatian artist

If you are wondering what the letter ‘F’ stands for in Dennis’ name, it stands for freedom. Yes, freedom.

Dennis’ legal name is Libero Dennis Galjanic, with Libero meaning liberty in Italian. Italian influence on the Croatian coastline is rather common, names, places, even food.

English-speaking Australians had difficulty pronouncing Libero’s name, so he decided to change it. He is commonly now known as Dennis. Creatively he goes by the name Dennis F Galjanic Art. Keeps things interesting, hey?

Dennis started to draw from an early age, inspired by his father’s sketches of ships. He spent his childhood and teenage years living close by the sea in a suburb of Melbourne called Altona.

In the late eighties, he completed studies at the Melbourne College of Art and Photography. Dennis then went on to create his own unique pieces of art and photography.

Paintings on canvas and rocks, photographs and postcards are some his best creations.

Dennis' art is bold and colourful. This is one of his favourite paintings.

Dennis F Galjanic Art is bold and colourful. This is one of his favourite paintings on canvas

Dennis found earning a living as a full-time artist in Australia was difficult and his artistic endeavours there were more of a hobby. In Croatia it has grown into a full-time and thriving business.

From a young age, Dennis recalls travelling with his parents to their birth home every few years. Today, he happily calls Croatia home.

“My father passed away four years ago and my mum was left alone in Croatia. I decided to move here in 2013 to be closer to mum and help out. It was then that I also decided to make Croatia my new home,” Dennis said.

“Throughout life, I never really felt like Australia was my home. I also found it hard living between two countries. Croatia is where my heart is and a place that really inspires me to produce art.”

Dennis currently lives in PARADISE! Only 150-metres from the beach, in little town called Stara Baska, The town is found on the southern side of Krk Island, Croatia’s biggest island connected to the mainland by bridge.

Krk is also known as the Golden Island. Watch this video to find out more this jagged and picturesque paradise. A place where sheep and goats roam, lush olives grow, fish is caught daily and you can experience the real Mediterranean.

I took the opportunity to asked Dennis what he finds most beautiful about Croatia, he said “I love the sea, beaches, panorama and seascapes. The people here are friendly. Living in a small village, I get to meet all the locals, hear their stories, see how they live everyday, which is different now, compared to the touristy summer months.”

Chatting to Dennis, I also discovered some James Bonds films as well an Australian Visa credit card commercial were filmed on Krk Island. Check out the Visa commercial. Excuse the French, that’s 100% video footage of Beautiful Croatia!

Dennis describes his art as bold, colourful and honest, each piece an original and unique creation. His art pieces are very affordable in Croatia and you can get something special to keep from 100–500 kunas (let’s say between AUS$20-$100).

Framed canvas painting by Dennis F Galjanic Art

Framed canvas painting by Dennis F Galjanic Art

“Business here is going really well and I am struggling to keep up with the demand. Each summer in Croatia I get new tourists,‘fresh eyes’, looking at and purchasing my art. It’s awesome. I am excited about opening up an outdoor art gallery in 2016. More will be revealed soon,” Dennis said.

To purchase or find out more about Dennis F Galjanic Art, email him directly at If you are on Facebook, make sure you join the Dennis F Galjanic Art group. Alternatively, simply book your next holiday to the beautiful Krk Island and pop into say hi to Dennis in Stara Baska!

You can also discover art by Dennis F Galjanic on the Beautiful Croatia website.

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