The Story
Beautiful Croatia


Croatia is a spectacular, picturesque country nestled on the Adriatic Sea in southeastern Europe.

Quite simply, ask anyone who has been to Croatia what it is like and they will tell you “…it’s BEAUTIFUL!”. The inspiration behind Beautiful Croatia is clearly outlined in the name. Now, a boutique travel, style and lifestyle website is presented which showcases the most beautiful attractions and unique, exclusive experiences available in Croatia.

Croatia’s heavenly coastline, majestic mountains, peaceful plains and tranquil waterfalls are enchanting. The country’s rich culture, fascinating history, rustic delights, amazing architecture and diverse range of sights and sounds alluring.

Croatia has some of the best food, wine and restaurants in the world, from contemporary fine dining to hearty homestyle meals. Fresh organic produce is common as well as award- winning wines that complement every gastronomic experience. The art and craft, fashion, design and beauty (men and women included) that exist in the country will also leave you mesmerised.

From beautiful places to visit, to rustic delights, places to revive and enliven your spirit or relax, to the ultimate indulgence in unsurpassed luxury, there is much to see and do.

Beautiful Croatia will also be hosting stylish and unique events throughout the year. With over 15 years of experience in events, we also offer an event management service, to help make your destination dream event a reality (Email me to find out more).

Beautiful Croatia presents all this to you with style, lots of love and happy spirit.

Enjoy your stay!

Amanda Grbavac